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Bearing Bar Grating Guatemala | Welded


    1.bar grating products. Bearing bars and cross bars are precision slotted, assembled in egg-crate fashion, and hydraulically pressed together to form a tightly locked, rigidly stable panel grid. Bearing bars range from 1˝ x 1/ 8˝ through 21/ 2˝ x 3/ 16˝ in 1/ 4˝ increments. A wide variety of bearing bar/cross bar spacings is available. A

    2.Pultruded FIBerGlASS GrAtINGBar Profiles and Grating Series A wide variety of bearing bar shapes along with various bearing bar and cross-rod spacings are available depending on the design requirements. Refer to the load/deflection tables in this catalog for selection.

    3.Type "SG" Swaged Rectangular Aluminum Grating. The most widely used aluminum grating, type "SG" rectangular bar provides clean, crisp lines and the cross bar is fully locked within the bearing bar, slightly below the top surface. Type 19-SG-4 aluminum grating is the industry recognized standard for industrial applications with nearly 80% open area.

    4.Bearing Bar Shape & Size. If your selection is a Pultruded construction type, choose the bearing bar height and top flange width (measured in inches) and bearing bar shape (I-Bar in stock) of the Fiberglass Grating Stair Tread Panel for your application. Stock panels have integral nosing on one side of the Panel length.

    5.The process in Brief : Fusion of Bearing bar to cross bar by heat process by high electrical current where no welding is required & the cross bars are heat infused into bearing bars giving the customer a seamless product, aesthetically pleasing & Metallurgical strength to meet the load capacities for the end use of the grating.

    Heavy Duty Steel Grating -

    1.Steel Bar Grating with bearing bars thicker than 3/16" is considered to be "Heavy Duty" and carries the designation prefix "Type HD". Available bar thicknesses are 1/4" () , 5/16" () and 3/8" () in either plain or serrated surface.

    2.Bar grating types are specified by bearing bar spacing followed by cross rod spacing. In imperial measurements, bearing bar spacing is described in sixteenths of an inch. Therefore, Type 19 has bearing bar centers at 19/16 of an inch (or 1 3/16”). Type 15 has bearing bar centers at 15/16”. Type 11 is at 11/16” etc. The second

    3.Description: Bearing bar grating, also know as welded steel bar grating, the most strong and durable metal grating products. They are made from the mild carbon steel or stainless steel materials. We provide a full solution of 19-w-4 bar grating, press locked grating, heavy duty grating, steel stair treads,plank gratings, safety grating, trench cover,etc.

    4.Grating must be installed with cross rods on top side to achieve strength specifications provided. Metal should be used for all grating supports. A minimum of 1” bearing shall be provided for bearing bar depths up to 2-1/4”; 2” minimum bearing shall be provided for bearing bar depths of 2-1/2” or greater.

    5.Aluminum Bar Grating, also known as Swagged Aluminum Bar Grate is light weight, yet strong and durable for all load bearing applications that need high corrosionGrating is available in a variety of bearing bar spacing, thicknesses and heights depending on applications and load requirements.


    1.rectangular grating or rivet heads on riveted grating (3/8" for heavy duty grating). 1/4" 1/4" Bearing bars Bearing bars Bearing bars Bearing Bearing bars Bearing bars Bearing bars 1/2" min. clearance equal to support angle fillet radius *This dimension may vary due to bearing bar spacing but will not exceed bearing bar spacing. * *

    2.Our plain steel grating, is used in steel structure platforms, one of the most widely used steel gratings, kilns, sidewalks, well covers, drainage, and stair treads. Features: a) Type of bearing bar: 20 x 3 - 100 x 6 b) Pitch of bearing bar: 12. We can design and manufacture standard steel grating, with a width of up to 1 meter

    3.Looking for DIRECT METALS Smooth Bar Grating, 24" Span, 24" X 1", Aluminum (49N295)? Grainger's got your back. Price:$. Easy ordering & convenient delivery. Log-in or register for your pricing.

    4.Bearing Bar Diameter 6 mm Steel Grating Webforge Murah Exclude Assesoris Bearing Bar Diameter 6 mm Steel Grating Webforge Murah Exclude Assesoris, Ukuran dari steel grating ini memang beragam untuk flat bar nya. Akan tetapi untuk bearing barnya standard 8 mm dan 6 mm. Diameter 8 mm & 6 mm ini sudah standard pabrikasi.

    5.6601310222, 6601310232, 6601310234 McNICHOLS carries Welded Bar Grating, Carbon Steel Hot Rolled, GW 100 Serrated, Welded Construction, 1" x 3/16" Bearing Bars, 1-3/16" on Center, Regular Cross Bars 4" on Center, 19W4 Spacing. Call or email us for a quote today.

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