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Riveted Grating Standards Spain | Riveted Bar Grating Products

    Welcome to Borden Gratings

    1.During this time, the name Borden has become synonymous with quality and dependability to grating users right across Canada. At Borden we produce a complete line of gratings in riveted, pressure locked, squeeze locked and resistence welded construction in carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel alloys.

    2.and standard installation details. C. The contractor may be required to take field dimensions to verify "as built" conditions to ensure proper fit of grating. PART 2: PRODUCTGeneral A. Grating shall be Amico Riveted Bar Grating Type 18-R- 7 as manufactured by Alabama Metal Industries Corp. or approved equal.

    3.Riveted grating (regular duty) Load Calculator : Panel Width Calculator : 1-1/8in bearing bar clear spacing 18xxy 3/4in bearing bar clear spacing

    4.The part numbers shown above are for carbon steel riveted gratings. To specify aluminum or stainless steel products, replace the alpha character “R” with “AR” for aluminum products or “SR” for stainless steel products. Examples: Type 18-AR-7 for riveted aluminum grating with bearing bars 1-1/8” apart and rivets at 7” on center.

    5.Stock grating panels are manufactured in nominal 24", 36", and 48" widths. These sizes allow for efficient layout and waste minimization when fabricated to your exact specification. Unlike competing grating products, individual grating panels do not require supports on all four sides of each cut piece.

    Harsco Industrial: Grating and Flooring: Standard Riveted

    1.Standard Riveted Grating is the oldest design of grating made. Harsco Industrial IKG (IKG) offers it in carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel alloys. Riveted grating provides a versatile architectural appearance and a comfortable pedestrian walking surface. The truss style crimp bars provide excellent lateral stability that is ideally

    2.Bar grating dimensions are measured by a process set by a standard marking system set by NAAMM, this how to shows customers which dimensions are which.For riveted grating the measurement in between bearing bar faces (the inside of both bars)Standard marking as set by NAAMM will look like the example below and include the

    3.• Metal should always be used for all grating supports. • A minimum of 1" bearing shall be provided for Aluminum and Light Duty Steel Grating. For Heavy Duty Steel Grating, 1" minimum bearing shall be provided for bearing bar depths up to 2-1/4", and 2" minimum bearing shall be provided for depths of 2-1/2" and over.

    4.Riveted Bar Grating Applications. Because of the benefits listed above, riveted bar grating is a preferred choice for engineering applications. Riveted grating is available with a smooth or serrated surface that offers the perfect solution for rolling stock and wheeled equipment, particularly items that contain casters, as well as walkways that require maximum walking comfort.

    5.Bar grating comes in many different materials and finishes. Aluminum, Carbon Steel, 304 Stainless Steel and Fiberglass are some of the material options, and mill (uncoated), painted with fast drying black enamel, or hot dipped galvanized (to meet ASTM Standard A-123), are standard finishes.

    All American Grating

    1.All American Grating 1-800-962-9692 •• [email protected] About All American Grating We are a service center and specialized fabricator of grating products for a vast array of applications. Our product list includes: standard grating, heavy duty grating, fi berglass grating, expanded metal, Grip-Strut®

    2.meet both strength and deflectionthe riveted grating load distribution graph (Figure 1) from the above referenced paper along with a comparison of span capacities between common welded and riveted systems: TECH-LINE Technical Update of The Bridge Grid Flooring Manufacturers Association Tech-Line, Issue #5, August 2011

    3.Brown-Campbell offers a wide range of Expanded Metal including Flattened, Standard, Carbon Steel Grating, and U-Edging.

    4.Types of Riveted Grating: Standard 37R5 Below is our original heavy duty riveted grating with bearing bars spaced at 2-5/16” face to face and joined by a connecting (reticuline) bar using rivets at 5” centers. This connection forms a truss-like grid which is best suited to handle the high impact and lateral forces encountered

    5.Algrip™ is manufactured through a patented CNC laser deposition process in which hundreds of rugged, custom alloy, slip-resistant laser deposits are delivered to each square foot of a steel plate substrate in a standard .250 x .375 staggered matrix, providing slip-resistance in all directions.

    Robertson grating 06F

    1.Robertson Grating Products – “The Grate Company” Robertson Grating Products is the premier grating supplier and fabricator in the USA. Serving grating requirements from the Pacific to the Atlantic, Robertson Grating Products is your one stop location for all steel, aluminum, stainless, and fiberglass grating needs. Our

    2.To place an order or get a Quote: Quote/Order Form Metal bar gratings, simply defined, are open grip assemblies of metal bars in which the principal load bearing bars run parallel in one direction and are spaced equal distance from each other, either by rigid attachment to cross bars running in a perpendicular direction, or by attachment to reticuline bars extending between them.

    3.Metal bar grating has served industrial and commercial flooring for decades. It has replaced solid plates in many applications. On one hand, metal steel grating have similar strength as solid metal plates but have lighter weight. On the other hand, its high percentage of opening area allows for self-cleaning properties and ventilation.

    4.BAR GRATING. Stair Treads. STANDARD TREAD WIDTHS AND END PLATE DIMENSIONS *Table of widths based on 3/16" thick bearing bars and standard bar spacing 1-3/16" cc (1-1/8" face-to-face for riveted grating.) SUGGESTED BEARING BAR SIZES* *Maximum tread length based on 400-lb. concentrated load on nosing and 4 bearing bars at center of tread length.

    5.Riveted Grating Riveted Gratings are manufactured by coldpress riveting straight bearing bars to crimped rectangular flat bars. The oldest form of grating, riveted products offer superior resistance to impact, fatigue and repetitive loads. Materials Riveted gratings are available in carbon steel, 6000 series aluminum, and 300 series stainless steels.

    China Steel Bar Grating - Metal Grating Factory - Royce

    1.Riveted grating. Riveted grating is a kind of heavy duty grating, compare to the welded steel grating and swage-locked grating with the same span and depth, riveted grating with the greater bearing capacity.

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