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Grating Cover Applications Bridge | Heavy Duty Bridge Decking & Grating

    Riveted Grating - High Load Capacity for Bridge Decking

    1.Lightweight. Aluminum riveted grating is lighter than other material gratings. High load capacity. The riveted grating can be used as heavy duty bridge grating in the bridge constructions. Applications. Riveted grating is widely used as trench cover, drainage cover for convenient dewatering.

    2.This aluminum grating is lightweight and corrosion resistant. It helps to provide safe, secure footing for many applications ranging from trenches to decking. It can be used for walkways, mezzanine floors, pedestrian bridge walkways, stage flooring, and more.

    3.Offering a high strength-to-weight ratio at an affordable price, galvanized steel bar grating is suited for a wide array of applications. Common uses include bridge flooring, drainage pit covers, fork lift traffic, platforms, trench covers, walkways, catwalks and ramps, among others.

    4.With high strength and load capacity, riveted grating offers you best choice for bridge construction, wheeled equipment, anti-slip walkway and various covers for convenient draining. Riveted grating is also called riveted grating, which is a type of heavy duty grating with high strength and load capacity.

    5.Covered Gratings: Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, covered gratings are often slightly warped. As a result of this, covered gratings will rock and pose a trip hazard if they are not secured with the appropriate hold down clips. It is Fibergrate policy to recommend hold down clips for all covered grating applications.

    Riveted Grating for Floor, Walkway, Stairs, Bridge, Cover

    1.Riveted grating is one of the steel grating products available with high load capacity, flexibility, alkali and acid resistance and anti-slipis made of carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum steel. Riveted grating can be widely used as stair treads, walkway, floor, cover and bridge decking.

    2.Bridge decking is often the preferred heavy-duty grating for applications subject to repetitive impact and loads. Common applications include bridge floors, highways, inlets, and airport trench drain covers. A popular pedestrian bridge decking choice is aluminum, which has a high strength-to-weight ratio and is corrosion resistant.

    3.Galvanized Steel Grating, Removablemunicipal works, sanitation projects in areas such as platforms, corridors, bridge, ditch cover, well covers, ladders, fences, rails, and so on.high strength for uses in most industrial and commercial applications. The advantages, specific application and features of steel grating:

    4.FRP bridge decking – 14 years and counting.In today's infrastructure market, four bridge applications continue to make strong use of FRP composites despite the cost premium. Each application has a critical requirement for light weight to meet the design and operational objectives.Materials Today is a community dedicated to the

    5.Welded Steel Grating. Welded Steel Bar Grating is the most popular of all grating types due to its strength, cost-efficient production and ease of installation. Universally used in most general industrial plants as well as commercial buildings, it has wide applications as walkways, platforms, safety barriers, drainage covers and ventilation grates.

    Metal Bar Grating | Direct Metals

    1.Direct Metals supplies bar grating products that can be used for a variety of applications. Bar grating is an ideal choice for projects ranging from trenches and stair treads to decking and steel flooring. Used as metal grates, bar grating covers open areas in flooring that require light, liquid, air, heat, and sound to pass between flooring

    2.Vehicle Surfaces: Decking, Bridges and Roadway Grating. Bridge and roadway grating is often necessary for reinforcing surfaces. Roadways and bridges take a lot of heavy use, either from constant wear and tear from vehicles or natural forces like heavy rain, snow, and freezing temperatures.

    3.Bridge Deck Grating : Bridge decking grating, building steel material, drain grating. We specialized in manufacturing and exports all kinds of steel gratings with the best quality and competitive price and faster delivery time, such as steel mill black and hot dip Galvanizing and stainless grating flooring walkway, platform ,steel structures, stair tread, well cover, trench cover, sump cover

    4.Pedestals for Molded Gratingthere is a wide variety of applications for Fibergrate's grating pedestal system; therefore,Step 1 Survey area to be covered with pedestal support system. Plan a starting and ending point. (Typically, areas are started in the corner containing the longest straight edge of the

    5.Fiber-optic Bragg Grating Sensors for Bridge Monitoringfield applications, and has coincided with aIn-fiber optic Bragg grating technology has its origins in the discovery of the photosensitivity of optical fibers by Hill et af. inLater, it

    Components & Systems - Custom Aluminum Bar Grating

    1.used for applications requiring concrete filled decking. Over 26,000 SF of 37R5 Lite serrated 5” x 3/8” riveted grating with a galvanized finish was used on the Grosse Ile bridge deck por-tion of the project pictured to the bottom right. This project also included 2,424 SF of 37R5 Lite riveted grating with a galvanized finish

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