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    Tread Riser Closures - Eberl Iron Works, Inc.

    1.Riser Closure Panels are used to seal the riser opening on steel stairs from pedestrian traffic. Most commonly used to provide compliance with building codes, Riser Closures provide compliance for stairs fabricated using Bar or Plank Grating that leave the riser open.

    2.that can handle most wheel traffic. This grating comes in two span lengths: short span andperforated metal panels.of expanded metal Low-carbon1,composite steel

    3.Stainless Steel Drain Grate Types. Slotted grating is a very versatile type of stainless steel drain grate and can be used in any application, from light-to-heavy duty. Slotted grating is available in 12 ga., 10 ga., ¼” or ½” plate, using 304 or 316 stainless steel. Bar grating is used for drains in high traffic and high flow areas

    4.Welded carbon steel grating and stair treads for boiler projects traffic / walking flooring. General . Welded metal grating and stair treads including fasteners for traffic / walking flooring in boiler installations outdoor use.

    5.McNICHOLS ® Bar Grating brings safety, strength, durability, and character when installed in either industrial or architectural applications. It regularly appears on catwalks, factory floors, platforms, railing infill panels, and as Stair Treads. A series of bearing bars are welded, swage-locked, or press-locked together with perpendicular crossbars to form the panels.

    Galvanized Steel Bar &Galvanized Floor Grating Supplier

    1.Galvanized steel bar grating is a series of bearing bars joined to perpendicular cross bars at various intervals to form a load-bearing panel ideal for use as a pathway to handle pedestrian and lightweight rolling traffic. Manufactured from carbon steel material coated with a protective zinc layer to prevent premature rust and corrosion, this

    2.Tru-Weld Heavy Duty Steel Bar Grating is commonly used for floor trenches and sump covers exposed to heavy equipment traffic. It is used extensively through out mining, power generation, highways, airfields, and on truck terminal loading docks and ramps. It is suitable for large single span conditions or where grating must be support extreme loads.

    3.is an ideal replacement for steel, aluminum, or molded fiberglass gratings anywheretow motors and truck traffic. Heavy duty grating is constructed of the same type

    4.Flooring and Platform Standard 20mm Steel Grating Panel Platform floor grating is made by welding with flat steel and bars with certain distances. It goes through cutting, opening, edging and other processes. The products enjoy the feature of high strength, light structure, high bearing, convenience for loading and other properties.

    5.Metal bar grating is ideal for projects that require the passage of liquids, like trenches and metal stair treads, to metal decking and steel flooring. Specialty Metal & Fiberglass Products. ISO 9001:2015 Certified.The 7/16" on center bearing bar spacing is safe for high heel traffic.

    Heavy Duty Fiberglass Grating - National Grating

    1.It's engineered to carry heavy traffic liketrucks and forklifts. Our molded HLC FRP Grating is available in 4′ x 6′ panels ″ or 2″ deep in Polyester or Vinyl ester resin systems. HLC grating has many advantages over steel grating for performance and cost effectiveness.

    2.McNICHOLS supplies the largest inventory of Perforated Metal in North America, and also offers Wire Mesh, Designer Metals as well as a complete line of Metal and Fiberglass Grating and Flooring products. In Stock and Ready to go at our 19 locations across the US. Call for a Custom Quote Today.

    3.Steel Bar Grating, also known as Welded Steel Bar Grate is extremely strong and durable for all load bearing applications and is primarily used for pedestrian and light vehicle traffic.Steel Bar Grating is available in a variety of bearing bar spacing and thicknesses depending on applications and load requirements.

    4.Industrial strength welded carbon steel metal stair treads increase safety and stand up to high foot traffic. Great for use in industrial facilities or outdoor sites where slippery conditions occasionally exist. Helps provide protection against slips in areas prone to oil or other hazardous elements.

    5.standd d ll d d d ff ff lld d fb f ff hdard industrial loads and pedestrian grating for foot traffic. Specia lly designed gratings for barefoot traffic in theone-half the weight of steel grating, allowingand 4 x 12 Micro-Mesh® panels. UV Protection:UV inhibitors in the resin matrix, a synthetic surfacing veil, and grit top

    Stainless Steel Bar Grating - 304 & 316 Stainless Steel

    1.Stainless steel bar grating is a series of bearing bars joined to perpendicular cross bars at various intervals to form a load-bearing panel ideal for use as a pathway for pedestrian and lightweight rolling traffic, which includes carts, dollies and hand trucks.

    2.Metal grating is either custom fabricated or provided in "stock panels" and is available from Harsco Industrial IKG (IKG) in a wide variety of sizes, spacings, thicknesses, surfaces, and finishes, depending on the application´s environment and load requirement. Metal floor grating may be required by regulatory standards in certain circumstances.

    3.Metal bar grating is widely used for its strength, stability, safety and long-term cost payoff. Metal grates are comprised of a series of equally spaced bearing bars connected at various intersections to form a load-bearing panel that can sustain almost any load or weight requirement.

    4.Industrial Grating Fabrication Services At Argus Steel , our industrial metal gratings are available as stock panels or custom fabricated to your size and specs. Offered as bar gratings, plank gratings, or planks, we have a choice of standard spacing for normal pedestrian traffic or close mesh for high heels or ADA compliance.

    5.Metal Bridge Grating Offers Many Options for Special Applications. Bridge deck gratings are often heady duty metal gratings. They can stand up with loads from heavy traffic such as automobiles, trucks and other vehicles. Steel and aluminum are two economical materials to manufacture deck gratings.

    Architectural Aluminum Bar Grating Panels for Construction

    1.Aluminum Bar Grating Panels for Architecture and Construction Uses . Aluminum Grating Type: flat bar grates: plain type, plain I type, serrated type, serrated I type; cross bar grating: round type and square twisted type. "SG" Swaged Rectangular Aluminum Grating The most widely used aluminum grating, "SG" rectangular bar provides clean, crisp lines and the cross bar is fully locked within the

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